Maitreya speaks about spirituality being a cosmic science, he says "the future science shall talk about consciousness of senses at multiple dimensions working through energy, matter, pulsation, vibration and void. Something religion cannot comprehend meanwhile science shall become spiritual " .

His teachings are unique science and it requires very careful examination and consideration in order to grasp the full meaning of its content. They encompass all the eight fundamental existential questions and answer them in a very logical way . This revealed science does not require blind allegiance, for he gives us beautiful tools,  knowledge and dikshas to verify the truth ourselves.

This Universal truth that he bestows upon on us is beyond time, space and religious boundaries and has been passed on to him through the ‘Divine Lineage of Light ‘which is as ancient as time itself . Many periods in known and unknown history , this knowledge has gone out of sight and hearing but has always been lovingly guarded till the Bearers of Light chose to reveal it again . This beautiful knowledge yet lives amongst us in this world which is preoccupied with largely the mundane.

Maitreya ji has always resonated with the profound message of his Guru that God cannot be realised through religious rituals , practices and other ingrained dogmas which are part of various faiths , these are just ways of satisfying ourselves at very gross levels ; in fact the Divine is also not be found in any of the usual places where we seek Him , to truly seek one must by delve deep within oneself . 

He says “ I do not talk to about god realisation but I talk to you about you yourself being Divine “.

He offers an open doorway to know, realize and imbibe the Divinity. His ways transcend the body and mind to experience the boundless divine bliss within.His presence itself allows one to know and realize to grow beyond the tense, rigid, indecisive duality within, allowing even the most medically hopeless cases to gain true healing. Maitreya’s ways bring wealth of practical wisdom. The meditation techniques and tools that He teaches allow one to gain lasting inner transformation and to gain enlightened insight into everything from management to meditation, from relationships to religion, and from success to life of renunciation.

Sri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji conveys His understanding of God through his speeches, discourses and writings about Transformations.