The Universal Centre For Spiritual Research And Development - UCSRD was established in 2010 by His Holiness Sri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji . 

It is a centre to impart knowledge on occult sciences to seekers of highest form of wisdom. The Centre seeks to advance scientific study of spiritual development by conducting qualitative and quantitative cross-cultural research on the nature, processes, and outcomes of spiritual development in people by building a interdisciplinary, broad network of scholars, leaders, practitioner who are engaged in advancement of this field in the world.

Pure Spiritual Tools, resources, communication and partnerships are developed devoid of Dogmas to help children, youth, parents, educators, philosophers to effectively nurture the spiritual lives of people globally. We work on the concept of integrating the current understandings of human development with spiritual development and not religious development. The very base of the center is based on the concept of multi-faith, multicultural, and interdisciplinary insights and perspectives from the social sciences, religious studies, and other fields allowing us to respect all beliefs and life experiences of all.

In its core we are nonsectarian organization that seeks to engage scholars, leaders, practitioners, parents, and young people in exploring this domain of human development regardless of their own religious or spiritual tradition, including those who are not part of a particular religious or spiritual tradition.