Maitreyaji's spiritual journey started at an early age. At a young age of 7, Maitreya ji met Mahaprabhu ji and from that onwards, many meetings followed. In HIS companionship, Sri Maitreya ji performed intensive meditation and merged with the formless ONE Creator and chose to come back to humanity to spread the Light of the ONE Creator.

At the age of 10 Maitreya ji had mastered the occult science of creating the Auric Grid.The transformation started soon and he was blessed to be in contact with many spiritual teachers who were interested in providing him the knowledge and also make him aware of his innate knowledge he had gained from his past lives. All these meetings and pursuit of saints and sages ultimately resulted in all of them pointing to the ONE Master who awaited Sri Maitreya ji's meeting. They all pronounced that they were not the Master whom Maitreya ji thirsted for and that his Master would appear soon.

His meeting with the ONE Master was an astonishing revelation and changed his life forever .Maitreya ji became aware of his relationship with the deathless and peerless Master with whom he has always been connected over lifetimes.

Soon after his meeting with Mahaprabhu Aghor Baba Pinakadrika ji, he received his diksha name Rudrabhayananda. In the next few years, Sri Rudrabhayananda ji received his universal name of Maitreya, meaning the Friend.

Sri Maitreya ji was guided to the ONE Master Mahaprabhu ji by revered saints and sages like Swami Chidananda Bharti ji, Lama Dzsong Rinponche, and Brahmarishi Matang Baba ji.

Maitreya ji traversed the length and the breadth of the country with his many teachers and mentors, he sat at their feet, learning and absorbing whatever they had to teach him in the course of years. He meditated in the abode of the Gods , the silent mountains of Tungnath , Panch Prayag , and Kalpeshwar . The places of his learning are many , to mention a few ; Char-e- Shareef , Martand Temple in Kashmir , Peer Kho and Shiva Khori in Jammu , Masrur Temple in Himachal , Benares and Naimisharanya in Uttar Pradesh , Girnar Parbat in Gujarat and various other places in Bihar , Kerala , Tamil Nadu , Nepal , Leh and Tibet .

He has lived in forests , sought knowledge of the Divine in lofty mountains, meditated in caves , ghats , temples and ruins . He followed the path shown to him by his teachers, a path of truth and realisation . Finally Purana diksha was bestowed on him on the Neelkanth mountain by his One Guru whom he lovingly calls Maha Baba . His experiences, learnings and depth of knowledge are difficult to put in mere words , for words have the ability to describe ordinary lives but fail at a task as extraordinary as this .

His learnings on this path are varied and deep , almost as timeless and rich as the Universe itself.

With AcãryaGuru Swami Chidananda Bharati ji , he attained the knowledge of Science of Death, Veda, Upanishads, Herbs understanding, Preparation of concoctions and medicines as per Ayurveda.

AchāryaGuru Matang Baba gave him deep understanding on Tantra Vidya : Vajra Bhairava Tantra, Vajrasukta Tantra, Kulavarana Tantra, Sudarshana Tantra, KalBhairav Tantra, Yogini Tantra, Dakini Tantra, Marma Vigyana, Science of Mudra, Nadi Vigyana, Swara Tantra,Laya Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Marma Gyana,Hatha yoga 

Lama Dzsong Rimponche instructed Maitreya ji in the field of Reiki Sensei, Kaal Chakra and Shinjitai ki

Maitreya ji has always resonated with the profound message of his Guru that God cannot be realised through religious rituals , practices and other ingrained dogmas which are part of various faiths , these are just ways of satisfying ourselves at very gross levels ; in fact the Divine is also not be found in any of the usual places where we seek Him , to truly seek one must by delve deep within oneself . He says “ I do not talk to about god realisation but I talk to you about you yourself being Divine “.

He offers an open doorway to know, realize and imbibe the Divinity. His ways transcend the body and mind to experience the boundless divine bliss within.His presence itself allows one to know and realize to grow beyond the tense, rigid, indecisive duality within, allowing even the most medically hopeless cases to gain true healing. Maitreya’s ways bring wealth of practical wisdom. The meditation techniques and tools that He teaches allow one to gain lasting inner transformation and to gain enlightened insight into everything from management to meditation, from relationships to religion, and from success to life of renunciation.